Vapes in Lebanon | The Truth

Mar 17,2020

What do you know about smoking?

Smoking as we know is related to a bad habit since it has bad effects on our health especially when it exceeds just enjoying a cigarette. There is no denial that it affects our heart, brain and all in all our health whereas its components are addictive due to nicotine. But our bodies neglect the risks and demands this drug to feel satisfaction, de-stress or even just a show-off that we know how to smoke. Therefore, after several campaigns to raise awareness on how to stop or quit, a new trend evolved which is vaping. In which it started to spread as vapes lebanon. Umm you are probably wondering what is vaping. Vaping derives from vape; electronic cigarette created to help heavy smokers quit cigarettes. YES! You read that right, although it was introduced long time ago, but the mechanism was weak, and people had a fear of trying new things. Thus, several myths started spreading even before having actual experience using a vape. Well, vaping in the lebanese country was introduced around 5 years ago, hence it helped a lot of people quit or stop smoking the traditional cigarette. And the flavors were invented to satisfy all taste buds, well you can find out more about vape ejuice Lebanon by surfing some vape shops in Lebanon, Beirut or Saida.


What is a Vape and how can you relate that is better?

This electronic device is battery operated with its e-liquid flavors some having nicotine, some low nicotine and some none which had a huge success in helping smokers quit and nonsmokers to have pleasure with no guilt. Some devices are known as vape pens, vape kits or pod system.

The e-juices come in fruity, sweet or tobacco flavors to satisfy all taste buds which helped ditch bad smell of a cigarette or even the after taste and hey! You can find eliquid in Beirut and some eliquid in Saida as well.

Not mentioning that after this vape revolution you will find different brands and a lot of stores some might be online vapes stores. This revolution worldwide made quitting smoking easy and yet enjoyable.


The social and social media relationship!


Vaping in Lebanon expanded and managed to reach many people especially age groups between 20-55 years old. Gatherings are so interesting when someone is vaping around, all are anxious to ask, try and maybe order vapes or as the typical Lebanese thing to do is typing on a search engine: vapes near me J

Vape addicts aren’t bad as the word refers, in fact the risks on health are less and pleasure is much! You will encounter beginners, amateurs and professional vapers.

We all know social media platforms gathers people worldwide to share, support, promote and even spread a specific topic such as the best vape store in Lebanon, where to buy vapes in Lebanon or even vape: e-juice.

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What are you waiting for to swatch and switch to vaping?

We can guarantee you that every puff will be worth as much as enjoyable. You can share or dare with a friend or vape community on who has the best knowledge or skills of satisfying each bud. Lebanon vapes are here within your reach and you can order ejuice in Lebanon as well.