Vape Kits and Pod Systems

Mar 17,2020

Confusion is history, we are here to enlighten your minds with the comparison of all times.

As you know, vapes industry is the passion and profession of 961vapes, as vapes in Lebanon are trending, for that we ensure to give you full and clear knowledge here especially for vapers in Lebanon.

Don’t rush, make sure to check the online vape stores in Lebanon for better assistance and wide variety of brands that fit your choice and demands.

Let’s begin with some information to lose the hesitation and shop satisfaction!


What is a Pod System?

Pod systems were invented mainly for smokers who desire to quit smoking yet still enjoy the nicotine rush every now and then. You won’t notice the major difference of it next to a cigarette as its of a light weight and fits your pocket or purse. As well as its great for beginners who want to join vaping in Lebanon community.

This pod is discreet especially when at a public place since it satisfies your nicotine rush with no clouds at all, trust me you will be barely noticed. Some are prefilled with ejuice which give you limited flavors and others are of replaceable cartridges which enables you to swatch on all flavors especially the ones that contain nic salts for ultimate nicotine cravings. You can always check for eliquid in Beirut or in Saida for new and variety of flavors or read our own blog about the vaping habits in Lebanon.

The batteries are built in which is cheaper and lighter in carriage and some are removable which is a bit expensive and weighs a bit heavier as well. Find out our devine selection of affordable pod systems

It’s an MTL vaping action; MTL abbreviates mouth to lung action in which you inhale the smoke, let it set in your mouth a bit into the lungs and then exhale. Just like a cigarette!


What is a Vape Kit?

Vape kits were made for heavy smoker’s aka shisha lovers, for its outraging smoke cloud it releases. A former smoker can use this vape, but it won’t give him the pleasure of that of pod system or cigarettes mainly! Therefore, its best advised to be used by people who are interested in customizing their vape experience more.

As well as vape kits can be used with nicotine or non-nicotine flavors, you can find variety and selections of eliquid such as pink panther ejuice or dr vapes ejuice.

Also, the batteries are built in or might be removable ones, its of heavy weight than the pod system and larger that fits almost the whole palm of your hand. Nevertheless, you can enjoy all flavors of juices while using a vape kit and massive endless cloudy atmosphere. Check out our bestselling product:

It’s an DL vaping action; DL abbreviates direct to lung where its more intense with an overwhelming throat hit. Perfect for vaping tricks and cloudy skills but be careful not get harsh on yourself!

To all smokers out there planning on quitting, we advise you to stick to pod systems for its your best companion and to all beginners, yet fun challenging smokers make sure to use Vape kits and impress us.



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