Vaping vs Smoking in Lebanon

Mar 20,2020

Effects & affects of smoking vs vaping

As we are the generation of media and technology, raising awareness, building up researches or even faking some topics. Social media platforms have done it best! We are stuck behind the screen and spreading news neglecting its credibility or reliability. Therefore, we want to shed light on the misconceptions going viral about vaping vs smoking. Smoking as known is 100% sure will eventually kill you especially when used in exceeded amounts nevertheless of chronic disease aside too.

In less than a decade, developers managed to launch vape industry having pod systems, kits and pens.

Such as products in this category of 961vapes, these devices use e-liquid in which they have variety of flavors and they don’t burn tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide. AHA!!

Unlike cigarettes that gives us enormous poisonous chemicals from burning tar that causes heart diseases, strokes or cancer.

According to a study experiment done by the Public health England shows that smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death and that the safety of e-cigarettes is not risk free but surely way less harmful by 95%. 16 packs were smoked over a month knowing that this is the rate for a normal smoker, resulted in enormous release of tar while the same amount of e-cigarettes were consumed which resulted in some vapor yet clean vision.

Because these e-cigs use heat solution that is made of nicotine, vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol and flavorings.  Truth be told, none of these synthetic compounds were at fault in death cases – it showed that the individuals who became sick were utilizing contraband gadgets containing cannabis – yet the reputational harm was already done. You can surf some of the products in this collection that has all your demands.

As we are eager to support and prove the importance of quitting smoking and switching to vape, we vapers in Lebanon care about our health so we did a research and found out the Sandwell general hospital and Birming hamcity hospital in west midlands created vape shops to encourage people becoming smoke free. Yes, you read that well! Doctors researched, experimented and made statistics of both parties and found out the rate of death caused by smoking decreased once people switched to vaping. Therefore, the smoking shelters turned into vaping zones stating that anyone gets caught smoking will receive a fine to pay as a penalty. At 961 vapes, in Lebanon we can guide you to get a pod system such as 'Just Fog' or any vape kit.

It is dealt with on a serious level for as police is following up by observation and cctv whereas vaping is allowed anywhere. Not mentioning that vaping saves your health and money, you can shop our affordable pods and systems for an utmost experience.

Britain has a goal to eliminate smoking in the country by year 2030.

In conclusion, impact of social media platforms always gives people wrong mentality, analysis and voting polls as well. Every issue has a bright or dark side, surf up well and make sure to trust only reliable sources and broadcast correct information.