Charlie's Chalk Dust - Donut - 0mg

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⦁ Primary Flavors 1. Donut2. Capuccino⦁ DescriptionThere's nothing more satisfying than the electrifying zest of a perfectly cooked up flavor. It is an all-encompassing phenomenon that begins with a delightful tug at the tip of your tongue and ends with a rumble of contentment at the pit of your belly. Most flavors are capable of this seemingly innocuous feat but, imagine for a moment a flavor made by THE creator of flavor. Imagine a zest cooked up by none other than The Creator of Flavor E Liquid. Donut Cappuccino is an e liquid concoction that brings fond memories of a hippy breakfast. Rustic brown cappuccino is paired with a piece of freshly baked doughy delight for a combo that will have you on your feet and ready to go. If you ever craved a complete breakfast meal that you could have whenever the urge arises, Donut Cappuccino should be able to do the trick. PG/VG: 30/70